Review GEBER R911 Men Women Fitness Tracker Smart Watch
GEBER R911 Men Women Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Large capacity battery
400mAh large capacity battery.
Every two hours / fully charged, it supports a 20-day useful life and a standby time of more than 50 days.
Avoiding the problem of frequent charging is beneficial not only during the day, but also for long-term outdoor adventures.

IP67 water resistant watch
Use the standard Ip67 water resistant, which is effectively waterproof at normal temperature and pressure (avoid using it at high or low temperatures).
Can be worn while washing hands, running in the rain, bathing or swimming (swimming data cannot be recorded)

product specification
  • Disc diameter: 50.10 mm
  • Disc tray thickness: 15.6mm
  • Band width: 26 mm.
  • Maximum circumference: 165 mm.
  • Minimum circumference: 255 mm
  • Weight: 71 g
  • Silicone bracelet, skin-friendly, undamaged, light and comfortable.
  • Tempered glass, scratch and wear resistant.
  • Stainless steel bowl 316, full metal texture.
SMS / SNS notification
When you receive an SMS / SNS notification, you can be alerted via a phone call or a vibrating reminder to avoid missing messages of interest to you.

Music controller
Use the smart watch to control music and share songs without having to pull the phone out of your pocket.

Remote control camera
You can combine it with the "READsport" app to control the phone's camera. Shake or tap the active area of ​​the smart watch and the phone will take a picture automatically.

Lack of exercise and drinking water
You can set a time period to remind you to rest, avoid excessive fatigue, tighten your body, or take a break with a glass of water. This can help your health and boost work and study.
With this smart watch, you can get close to your goal and remind them to stay active and build a healthier lifestyle.
Review GEBER R911 Men Women Fitness Tracker Smart Watch
GEBER R911 Men Women Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

GEBER R911 Men Women Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Specs
  • Developed for sport and nature. Our smart watches can automatically track your activities throughout the day, for example steps, calorie consumption and distance. 7 different workout modes can help you get more accurate data and better plan your workout. The compact compass, air pressure, altitude and temperature are unique features that make it a good shepherd in the wild or when climbing.
  • Heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking: By monitoring your heart rate 24/7, you can check your heart rate at any time and better understand heart rate trends. Our smart watch can also automatically track your sleep, analyze your sleep data and inform you of the detailed waking time, light sleep or deep sleep.
  • 1.3-inch high-definition touch screen and long-lasting battery: With the large color touch screen, you can check the heart rate and training data clearly and easily. Activity tracker supports 20 days / more than 50 days standby time and only takes 2 hours per full charge.
  • Call or message reminder: The fitness tracker can remind you to touch when you receive an SMS / SNS notification. This way you can avoid losing important messages to you.
  • Other practical functions: IP67 waterproof and breathable steering, sports accelerator, stopwatch, music control, remote control camera, constant water and beverage memory, vibration reminder time, and wrist sensor switching function.

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