Review INIUPO HD Screen Kids Smartwatch
INIUPO HD Screen Kids Smartwatch

INIUPO smart watch for kids - kids smart watch, two-way phone, alarm clock, games, music player, calculator, camera, smart watch for boys HD 4-12 years old

INIUPO HD Screen Kids Smartwatch Specs
  • Multifunction smart watch for children】 ◆ Language: 5 languages ​​can be set ◆ Time and date: You can set the time and date of the watch size. Ringing volume: Incoming ring volume volume Mode size School mode: After setting the period, the watch will lock. In this case, the watch cannot be contacted because all calls are automatically blocked, so the game is not available, but it is always available generally.
  • Children with two-way communication can make and receive children's calls via smart watches and insert a Speedtalk 2G SIM card. [Settings] Click on the contact, enter the name and phone number, save it and click on the avatar to dial the appropriate phone. 10 phone numbers can be registered and the name can be specified as required. [If the watch is having quality problems, please contact after sales email:]
  • [SOS] After setting phone number, standard SOS numbers are assigned to contacts 1 and 2. (When screen is on) Press the watch twice on the power button to activate SOS. The smartwatch sends the SOS number. Send a message and make a call.
  • Camera / games / music children can download jpg; BNG; Monitor a BMP memory floppy disk. Camera pictures can be adjusted as wallpaper. -7 different integrated puzzles. Crawling in 2048, playing basketball, fighting with airplanes, playing stones and pinball machines, car products, and eating gold. How do I download music? 1. Turn off the watch. 2. Connect it to the computer with the charging cable (data cable) to download it. 3. Download the MP3 music file to the "My Music" folder on the CD

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