Review MSI GP75 Leopard 10SFK-219 Gaming Laptop
MSI GP75 Leopard 10SFK-219 Gaming Laptop

MSI GP75219 GP75 Leopard 10SFK-219 17.3 "240Hz 3ms Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H RTX 2070 16GB 512GB NVMe SSD Win10 VR Ready

First of all, I want to start with CONS: 1660 Ti not the 144Hz screen mentioned in the screen, but 120 (Amazon has updated this to reflect that exactly). Contains screenshots. I mainly play older games (some are in 2017, but most are older than 2011), and many of these games have 120 Hz compatibility issues. Several complex startup solutions are required. Even if it is connected to an external signal source like a 60 Hz 1080p TV, I can't turn it on properly. If you play an incompatible game one way or another, it will slow down and play 50% at 30 fps or twice at 120 fps. I played a game at just 120 Hz, so I barely noticed the difference to 60 Hz. You also can't set the screen to 60 Hz, just 120 and 48. I think the 120 Hz refresh rate will be apparent for the new FPS games, but it's negligible for the platforms you've run.
My second question is the speaker. Your presence. They do. Antiquity. I heard that inexpensive children's toys make better sounds. They are young, sharp and strong echo. Even with Nihimic's built-in audio editing software, it can't be as satisfying as old. It's also located on the bottom of the laptop, and even when you sit on a flat surface, the sound can get even more terrifying. My previous cheap Acer 2015 laptop and very old MACBOOK 2012 sound method was better.
My last big problem is battery life. As far as I know, gaming laptops are never good in terms of battery life, but regardless of the work they do or the number of closed background programs, this device (at least the laptop) can take about an hour. When I power it on (it charges fully before powering it all on), I first run the included MSI Dragon Center software and use the battery calibration feature to extend battery life. It clearly didn't help. I can't even get Chrome to play certain content on Hulu or Youtube without consuming about 1% every minute! And let the game work? Forget about it, you can disappear in 10% to 20 minutes of undemanding games (i.e. games that fans can't shoot) then die with 100% fully charged batteries.
USB mode is a small problem. There is only one on the front and two on the right. When you plug something in, it usually blocks the movement of the mouse. It can be tolerated, but if you don't play on a large surface and stretch your arms slightly, it will get dull. The power adapter plug is also located in the middle on the right side or can be blocked on your way. Its path is very thick, about 1 inch from where it is connected. The Shipping Stone also measures 6.75 x 3.5 x 1 inch, which is a little bit confusing.
The fans can be very loud, especially when I press the turbocharging button, but this doesn't really bother me and doesn't really matter when lifting up. It can be high enough that it appears that a person in the next room is using a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner. So if you want to play in a quiet place like a library or university, the people around you will notice the sound. World of Warcraft in all extreme situations is the power of the game that I will play. The fan only starts when many effects appear on the screen. Under these parameters, the fan can only manage an average of 85 fps (45 raid with many magical effects). It is fundamentally different from 60fps for other computers.
Review MSI GP75 Leopard 10SFK-219 Gaming Laptop
MSI GP75 Leopard 10SFK-219 Gaming Laptop

PROS is now available: the devices themselves have very powerful price functions and the manufacture of the best laptops. The case and screen are covered with metal, while the bottom is made of rather thick plastic. When opening the screen or walking towards the screen, the screen does not become dazzling or shaky. The laptop itself is a great artwork, and the Per-Key integrated lighting program is fun. You can also create different lighting profiles for each program. These programs automatically switch to the program used first. MSI Dragon is great too. It can monitor the entire contents of a computer, and usually needs to check the BIOS or use other monitoring software to perform operations. For example, fan speed, CPU temperature / GPU, RAM number / CPU / GPU used etc. Add a lot of other useful information with one click to constantly update all the important drivers. You can also customize these settings for anything you see.
The quality of the internal webcam and the internal microphone are also good. Like the touchpad, the buttons have excellent touch and response. One thing I really like is that when you hold down a function key, the keys that you can use while holding down this key are highlighted.

If you want to play the latest AAA and FPS titles this is a good choice. However, if you love me and love old games on Steam / Uplay, you may feel frustrated soon. You can also use a Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth headset to pair, as the internal speaker appears to leak into your ears.

Update: After not finding a satisfactory replacement product in the same range, I decided to keep this laptop. I made progress since the first comment about a month ago. I found that the terrible sound was due to the Nihimic sound program. Once you turned it off and controlled by Realtek Standard Audio Driver, the sound is now good and the speaker no longer has a powerful sound. Pamper yourself and remove Nihimic Trash. The bottom of the earphones still looks boring, but if the front of the laptop is a bit loud, it looks better. After a lot of tweaks and overtime, several older incompatibilities have been fixed in the games I slowly encountered. However, some games are still not working properly and I think it will not work at all. And frankly, the longer it takes, the more I will love this laptop. I can check for serious design flaws in the past (headphone mode, USB mode, charging mode, frightening battery), but for me it will always be a pain. I even called customer service to ask the speaker's questions and they came back very quickly, and they were very polite. Despite its poor speaker mode and long battery life, I still didn't plan to turn on the alarm clock and I still buy a MacBook to play music and videos. This laptop should always be connected ... Does the error mean the purpose of the laptop? Even if the battery profile is set, my batteries cannot be fully charged. I plan to connect to MSI next with unnecessary batteries.

MSI GP75 Leopard 10SFK-219 Gaming Laptop Specs
  •  17 3 FHD (1920 x 1080) 240 Hz, 3ms IPS Level 100% sRGB NVIDIA GeForce RTX2070 8G GDDR6
  • Core i7-10750H 2.6-5.0 GHz Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (2 * 2 hubs)
  • 512 GB NVMe SSD 16 GB (8 GB * 2) DDR4 2666MHz 2 slot, max 64GB
  • Steel Series USB 3 2 Gen2 Type C * 1 USB 3 2 Gen1 * 2 RGB Anti-Shake + Webcam Silver Silver 720p HD
  • Gain 10 giant multilingual speakers 3W * 2 6-grid battery (51WHr) 230W Li-Ion battery

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