Review MSI Modern 14 A10RB-459 Professional Laptop
MSI Modern 14 A10RB-459 Professional Laptop
MSI Modern 14 A10RB-459 Ultra-Thin Laptop Intel Core i5-10210U MX250 8GB DDR4 512GB NV Me SSD Win10Pro

Let's take a look at the game first. Razer Blade Stealth 13 "has 1650 graphics and the following ROG Zephyrus g14. It can support up to 2060 graphics. Stealth build quality is even better, but a slightly smaller package with the same components costs more than $ 600 while playing Zephyrus Ryzen chips, or You can get 1650 graphics for $ 300 (if 1660ti costs another $ 300, it's worth it).

Therefore, the main drawback of this laptop is heat. There is only one fan that can hear loud noise, and you may need to learn how to clear a paper jam. It took me about 5 minutes to watch a YouTube video and learn how to fix the issue so the problem can be fixed quickly. However, I prefer running the fan at medium speed rather than leaving the fan at full speed. The only other downside that I really think of is that it looks more fluid than Razer Blade Stealth, but the price isn't surprising.

The advantage is that it is very light, can be used anywhere, and has many functions intended for fans and batteries. If the settings you use slow down everything and you have a beautiful color keyboard, durable keyboard, touchpad, fingerprint and facial recognition features it can take up to 10 hours. Very internal updates, almost in the price range of economical laptops.

Basically, this laptop has a lot of functionality, but I only recommend it for those who don't play first. Razer Blade Stealth with 1650 couldn't give me more than 5 hours of battery power, and I'm writing more than what I'm playing. So it is boring to watch my battery closely. For someone like me who has to work on a laptop 10 hours a day but can only play 2-3 games, this seems like the perfect solution.

I only give 4 stars because the thermal solution is really disappointing. I was hoping that MSI would remove the webcam, face recognition and fingerprint sensor, pulled 256GB of SSD instead of including a USB C dongle and laptop pod, and then throw it into another fan, more suitable thermal grease or additional heat pipes.

Exceeded expectations
The new 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and ultra-fast SSD drive is designed for mobile creativity, faster viewing and startup times.

Unlimited all day long
Modern 14 meets diverse travel needs with up to 10 hours of battery life and all-day productivity.

Various aspects are ideal as well
MSI's True Color technology provides different modes for different uses.

Creators Center
Creator Hub sets new standards in optimization with easily customizable system modes and resources to meet different scenarios and requirements.
Review MSI Modern 14 A10RB-459 Professional Laptop
MSI Modern 14 A10RB-459 Professional Laptop

Charge your laptop with NVIDIA GeForce graphics
Compared to the integrated graphics, NVIDIA GeForce graphics work better and are ideal for photo editing, video conversion and games. Unleash your creativity with cool photo and video editing apps like Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro.

MSI Modern 14 A10RB-459 Professional Laptop Specs
  •  14-inch ultra-thin IPS display with 72% HD NTSC NVIDIA GeForce MX2502G GDDR5
  • CORE i5-10210U 1.6-4.2 GHz Intel 9560 Jefferson Peak (2x2 802.11 ac)
  • HD 512 GB NV Me SSD 8 GB (8 G * 1) DDR4 2666MHz 1 slot; The maximum memory is 32 GB
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type C * 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 * 2 HD Webcam with 84 buttons and white backlight, 720p
  • O / S Win 10 PRO Battery / Hour 4 Cells (50 W / Hr) Polymer 720p HD Touch Camera Multi-Touch Keyboard With Backlit 84 Keys White

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