Review Pioneer BDR-209DBK Internal Blu-Ray Writer
Pioneer BDR-209DBK Internal Blu-Ray Writer

This classification applies to Pioneer BDR-209D metallic / useless / frustrating.

The first word of the program ...
I use VLC (FREE) to play commercial Blu / DVD movie discs or other video / audio files. It is very suitable for beginners and has features that satisfy advanced users. To play Blu-ray, you need to download and copy two more files. Just search Google for "VLC Blu-ray". It is very simple and direct. YouTube has even detailed instructions for people with technical difficulties.

MakeMkv and Manual Brakes (both for free) allow production of commercial Blu-DVD movies free of worries. After I delete all suspicious transaction codes and save them to my hard drive, I can play movies (using VLC) from the hard drive or copy them to the optical drive. Another applicable playback option is the PAID version of Power DVD. Power DVD is more user-friendly than VLC and there is no easy way to play directly on an external device (such as a receiver) without routing through Windows. When playing directly on the receiver, the sound quality varies greatly. Even the latest and greatest motherboard audio chipsets do not come close to a decent external AVR or DAC.

Now for the pioneers:
After installation and initial testing, the main product performed better than expected. LG / UH12NS30 Blu-ray Player / DVD Writer was originally purchased (first failed within 25 days, replacement was defective). Compared to Pioneer (~ 7x), the REAL WORLD (Rome) reading speed from LG (~ 2.5x-3.5x) is really missing. LG could not successfully burn DVD (SATA controller error).
Main product burn Blu and DVD at the same time.
The reader is very quiet when reading / copying / burning.

Installation: Remember that the Pioneer Engine is 7.09 inches long. In some cases this is not appropriate. I have a small cooling tower (small box) with a small ATX motherboard. After measuring the difference, I decided it was almost reasonable and fair. I need to remove the Mobo Corner mounting screw to clear the reader.

Production quality: Compared to the optical reader, the reader is well designed and robust. It's easy to find the eject button by touching it and feels powerful when pressed.

Pioneer BDR-209DBK Internal Blu-Ray Writer Specs
  • 16x write speed on BD-R media!
  • Write up to 50 GB on the BD-R DL
  • Fast movie playback and get ready faster
  • Compatible with DVD and CD media
  • Data storage - 4MB

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