Review SanDisk X600 3D NAND 128GB Internal PC SSD
SanDisk X600 3D NAND 128GB Internal PC SSD
PC SSD Sandisk X600 3D, 128GB PC-SATA III 6Gb / s, 2280m.2, up to 530MB / s SD9SN8W-128G

Easy to configure SSD. I cleaned the desktop and emptied the trash so not all of it brought to the SSD when cloning. The program you are using is a free copy of AOMEI Backupper Standard. its very easy. First install SSD in empty m.2 slot (# 16 on motherboard). The system recognizes it after startup and Windows sometimes displays "You must format the drive before the logical drive can access it", that is, make it an MBR or GPT drive. Quickly (a short article explaining this). Then open AOMEI. Select the hard drive and do the rest, the difficulty is to boot the system from SSD with UEFI BIOS. The problem appears to be multiple copies of Windows Boot Manager (the reason for using the IDK), and these copies make me wonder which boot system to use. BIOS reset to standard (there is an option there). This illustrates the problem. I clone the hard drive for SSD. AOME did all the work, made it bootable, and entered the boot options as you can see. Click Windows Boot Manager, and then click SSD. This limits the system from booting only from SSD. You can still press F12 during startup to boot from the hard drive. A list of options appears. If you choose Windows Boot Manager, it will start from the hard drive. Unfortunately I did not find any relevant information. It looks like you just have to hack. This is the problem from Dell. SSD is very simple.

SanDisk X600 3D NAND 128GB Internal PC SSD Specs
  • Combine Western Digital's advanced 3D NAND technology with the installed SSD platform to provide the reliability, durability, capacity and performance required for an IoT system
  • It has nCache 2.0 client technology and DataGuard as well as 3D digital NAND endurance technology. This combination improves endurance and enables trouble-free recovery
  • Thanks to SMART function, SanDisk X600 3D NAND SATA SSD can monitor operating status, analysis and system alerts during major events or maintenance
  • Serial read / write speed can reach 530/490MB / s. This means quick start and download of applications, which leads to more customers, less downtime and optimal operation
  • With different shapes and capabilities, SanDisk X600 3D NAND SATA SSD is an ideal solution for many integrated platforms

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