Samsung Unveils New Details About Samsung Money Card
Samsung Unveils New Details About Samsung Money Card

Samsung is preparing to launch the Samsung Money card in the American market this summer. Today, the South Korean giant provides more detailed information on the map before the official announcement.

Samsung plans to launch the Samsung Money card, which Samsung developed in cooperation with SoFi, to simulate the Apple card that was introduced in the previous period.

Samsung today released new details about the Samsung Money card supported by SoFi. The service offers a free account service and will be launched in the American market later this summer, giving users the advantage of saving money.

Samsung Money card also has a built-in Samsung Pay payment service that can support smartphones and watch Samsung users, as the wait indicates that the service supports older versions of Samsung phones starting with the Galaxy S6.

Samsung also said that it is possible to open a personal or joint account on the service. Once the user is directly registered to Samsung's payment service, it receives a virtual card and can activate it via NFC. On the other hand, the user can use the mobile payment application. The program manages the account. The user will detail the account balance or bank statement or transaction record, and the user will be able to use the app to report unusual activity on the account while helping to suspend spending through the service.

On the other hand, users can exchange money with 55,000 ATMs in the U.S. market and sign up for Samsung Rewards Program to earn points for purchases in the hope of showing that 1,000 points can be redeemed.


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