Sony announces ZV-1 to support video bloggers for $ 799
Sony announces ZV-1 to support video bloggers for $ 799

Sony has officially announced the ZV-1 Camcorder for Vloggers, which has a 20-megapixel sensor, measures 1 inch and starts at $ 799.

Sony's new ZV-1 camera combines the advantages of the RX100 V and RX100 VII cameras, as the new version is equipped with a 1-megapixel sensor with 1-inch pixels, which can provide users with a more efficient blur background and also supports focal length from 24 to 70 Mm. Camera with aperture of 1: 1.8-2.8.

ZV-1 also supports 4K video recording to play full frame at 30fps or 1080p at 120fps. The ZV-1 also features a folding screen to give vlogging a better video recording experience. The screen supports touch control by touching the screen to more effectively locate the focus.

On the other hand, the ZV-1 does not have an electronic lens and a recording button on top of the fuselage with a stunning design that can replace the back. The camera grip is also smaller compared to the RX100.

ZV-1 supports fast real-time autofocus to record movies in video mode. Sony offers this functionality to the A7R IV and A6600 cameras without compact mirrors.

The camera also supports 20fps continuous shooting, auto focus and auto exposure activation. When ZV-1 is turned on to allow for better viewing on a YouTube video blog, the camera also supports moving the user's face focus to any foreground object.

ZV-1 also has a position-defocus function to open the scene in a larger area. The camera also supports focusing more deeply in bright lighting conditions. For example, the ZV-1 can adapt to the user's changing lighting in walking conditions, where you can, for example, adjust automatic exposure and focus on the face.

The ZV-1 has three built-in mics with higher sound quality than DSLRs and non-mirrorless cameras. It also supports the microphone cover to prevent wind effect and is set in the camera to reduce noise. With 3.5mm earphone port and HDMI port.

The ZV-1 is expected to hit the market at $ 799. The price reserved before June 28 is $ 749 and will be available on June 11.


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