Tesla returned to work and defied the boycott
Tesla returned to work and defied the boycott

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, said on Monday that the only California auto plant in the United States would continue to produce, ignored the boycott order to keep the plant closed, and clarified whether anyone should be arrested if it was he who had been arrested. .

After a coronary virus epidemic closes business and forces tens of millions of Americans to resign, US states and cities are trying to safely resume economic activity.

Elon Musk threatened to leave California for Texas or Nevada over the weekend due to the factory shutdown. Tesla said in an email that an order from California's governor on Thursday allowed the manufacturer to continue operating.

"The vacation is over, we have returned to production," Tesla said in the message: "We are very excited to return to work and have a very detailed plan that can help you get back safely." A mask said in a tweet that production will resume on Monday, adding that workers will be on the assembly line.

Health officials in Alameda County, where the Fremont plant is located, said later Monday that they knew Tesla had returned to work and exceeded the minimum basic operating requirements that were allowed during the shutdown, and they did so if the permit was not granted and the plan could not be implemented. From the province.

The officials said in a statement: They want Tesla to make an offer and hopes that Tesla will be able to keep it without taking any other legal action. The consequences did not mention the consequences, but the district's order to the district said that violations could be punished with fines, imprisonment, or both.

In addition, US Treasury Secretary Stephen Manuchin said that if California wanted to keep the company under its jurisdiction, California should take all necessary steps to help the electric vehicle manufacturer reopen the only American manufacturer of electric cars. . cars factory.

Tesla also owns an automobile factory in Shanghai and is building another one in Berlin. Tesla filed a lawsuit against the county a few days ago, claiming that Tesla had violated the California constitution by challenging the king's order, which allowed the manufacturer to reopen it.

Representatives from Texas, Georgia, Utah, Oklahoma, and Nevada called a mask on Twitter and encouraged him to move to his own state because he was at risk of leaving California. A Texas official said his county could immediately welcome Tesla and invited the billionaire CEO to visit him.

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