Tesla reveals confidential customer information
Tesla reveals confidential customer information

GreenTheOnly's research by Green Beret Hacker Group shows that previously used Tesla components for in-car entertainment can be purchased online, and the electric car manufacturer appears to replace information, entertainment and information systems for some of its cars. Do not worry about the personal information of his clients. .

The biggest problem, of course, is that Tesla (InsideEVs) does not delete any personal data from previous device clients prior to processing. Therefore, Tesla car owners who have replaced the car should be concerned about sharing their personal information online.

GreenTheOnly said it had received four Tesla MCUs on eBay and found that the personal information of the previous owner is still available and available for free.

The car infotainment system usually stores content such as phone numbers, addresses, and audio media. However, since the system is already included in the Tesla car, it includes Netflix and Spotify, and some systems also store cookies for Netflix sessions that can be used to access the owner's account.

The investigation also found that the vehicle also stored Gmail cookies, all previously used wireless network passwords, and Spotify passwords (plain text format).

The GreenTheOnly InsideEVs team has reported that each purchased unit has kept the geographical location of the previous owner’s location and workplace, as well as all stored wireless passwords, calendar events, call lists, contacts on the paired phone and cookies to store sessions. .

Tesla has been providing update services since March this year, so owners of older models can upgrade their devices to access new Tesla features that require more computing power only companies that can make these adjustments.

Since most car owners want to transfer personal data to a new device without having to reset everything, they do not delete data when the car is delivered and after they transfer customer information to a new alternative device, it appears that Tesla has data from the old device that has not been deleted in any way. Right.

InsideEV reported that technicians were required to destroy the MCU before being hit with a hammer. However, this method appears to be ineffective. It is clear that this processing unit cannot delete data.

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