The case of the daughter of Huawei founder returns to the interface again
The case of the daughter of Huawei founder returns to the interface again

The case of the daughter of Meng Wanzhou, founder and chief financial officer of Huawei, appeared again. Canadian judges are preparing to judge the main aspects of Meng's move to the United States. Judge should use double exposure as standard.

The decision determines whether the case met the criteria for moving Canada from dual risk to Canada and the United States when Meng was arrested in December 2018 and the 17-month lawsuit ended.

Canadian police have arrested Huawei's chief financial officer at the request of US officials who had hoped to hand them over to be vulnerable to fraud allegations.

The arrest sparked a major international dispute over the Chinese government, which accuses Washington of holding Meng as a political hostage and China’s arrest of Canadian citizens for espionage, but Canada viewed the arrest as revenge.

Dual crime is the norm in extradition cases to Canada. Therefore, a suspect must be charged with a crime in Canada and in the country where extradition is requested.

American prosecutors accused Meng of alleged bank fraud, claiming that she had defrauded the Hong Kong chief executive of HSBC forging Huawei in Iran. To urge the bank to continue providing banking services to Huawei, it violated US sanctions on Middle Eastern countries.

Meng's lawyer said that the case was not a weak criminal base. Because violating American sanctions against Iran was not a crime in Canada and Canada had no sanctions against Iran when the leader was arrested. In this case, the Canadian government lawyer, who represents the interests of the United States, said: The essence of his banking behavior is the equivalent of fraud. It is a crime. .

If the judge determines that the case does not meet the double criminal standards, Meng will be released unless there is an appeal and a request is made to extend his detention until the result, but if the judge determines that the case after it meets the double criminal standards and the extradition continues, Meng's lawyer demands her release for other reasons .

As President Donald Trump stressed in January 2019, he could intervene if that was in the interests of the United States in a trade war with China or for the sake of national security, Meng's lawyer said: When border officials searched and interrogated her, she was treated at Vancouver Airport.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week: Canada has an independent judiciary that operates without political interference or repression, adding that China is doing so differently, but the Chinese Foreign Ministry is pressing Canada Meng to release her this week to improve relations with Beijing is protecting.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legian said that China's position on the Meng accident is consistent and clear. This is a serious political incident, which seriously violates the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens. The Canadian side should immediately correct the error and release Meng to ensure his safe return. Avoid further damage to China's relations with China.

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