The Trump administration wants to build an American chip factory
The Trump administration wants to build an American chip factory

According to the Wall Street Journal, the government of U.S. President Donald Trump is negotiating with major transformer manufacturers to build factories in the United States.

Although many dialogues between management and manufacturers have been reported in the newspaper's news, Intel has made more specific plans for exploiting chip manufacturers safely, meaning that the US is concerned about external processor factories. Intensify.

Intel spokesman William Moss said in a statement that Intel is currently in talks with the US Department of Defense to improve local sources of microelectronics and related technologies.

The statement added: "Intel is well placed to work with the US government and can operate a US commercial facility to provide a wide range of accurate, secure electronic products."

On the other hand, the Taiwan semiconductor manufacturer (TSMC), which produces Apple Series A chips, has yet to make a final decision in talks with the U.S. Department of Commerce about building an American plant.

"We are actively evaluating all of the sites concerned, including the United States," TSMC spokeswoman Nina Kao said in a statement.

Intel CEO Bob Swan (Bob Swan) sent a letter to the US Department of Defense at the end of March, saying the company was ready to work with the Pentagon to build a chip factory.

"Given the uncertainty caused by the current geopolitical environment, it has become more important than ever. We now see that the study of how Intel operates commercial plants in the United States revolves around a wide range of microelectronics technologies that are in line with the United States and Intel. Advantages." "

The newspaper also reported that US officials wanted to help South Korean Samsung, which has a chip factory in Texas, develop a manufacturing contract in the United States.

At the time of the talks, during the outbreak of the coronavirus, diplomatic relations between China and the United States became increasingly tense as the two sides blamed for the spread of the disease in tension for two years.

Trump's record in the U.S. manufacturing industry is weak, so it's adventurous for a number of new American processing plants to come onto the market, and despite bragging about his technological breakthroughs, not much of it, including frequent discussions about the new apple plant is in Texas.

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