The upcoming Apple Smart Watch may add anxiety monitoring
The upcoming Apple Smart Watch may add anxiety monitoring

We are still far from the expected release of the upcoming Apple Watch 6 smart watch, where Apple can launch its new mobile device and a new set of mobile phones (iPhone 12) in mid-September.

However, there have been many rumors to date about the Apple Watch 6, including new vulnerabilities that coincide with previous leaks. A YouTube user named (Nikias Molina) tweeted a post containing all the features of (Apple Watch 6). (The claim did not disclose the source of the leak.

According to our customers (including application developers), this new watch has many new features, including the ability to track sleep and mental illnesses (such as anxiety) such as the new chip (S6), long battery life and pulse oximeter (SPO2)).

Known leaks (John Prosser) are known for the very subtle leaks around the iPhone SE and realize the effectiveness of the new leak. Molina said that (Apple Watch 6), in addition to its ability to find mental illness, will also understand the common sleep tracking feature.

These two functions are an extension of the current heart rate monitor function. They search for abnormal signs of anxiety such as panic attacks and stress in users. Mullian also explained that this watch extends battery life while expanding current sensors so that the pulse oximeter can be measured to determine the amount of oxygen in the blood.

The included Apple Watch currently has a heart rate sensor that has been used as a pulse oximeter in other medical devices. However, this functionality has not yet been activated. Activation requires FDA prior approval for consumers to use it as a health monitor.

The pulse oximeter function should remind the staff on duty in the lungs and inform the user when the oxygen saturation in the blood has decreased to less than a certain value so that he can make calls faster. Emergency.

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