The US Attorney General is angry at Apple
The US Attorney General is angry at Apple

Bill Barr announced that the FBI alone had successfully unlocked the iPhone from a suspected terrorist killed in December at a naval air base in Pensacola, Florida, claiming that the FBI needed Apple's help to get the device to unlock.

Barr vehemently criticized Apple and called for laws to solve its stubborn problems. "Thanks to the FBI for their great work - thanks to Apple - we were able to unlock the phone. It is a harbinger of future government data breach," Barr said in a press release.

The FBI asked about two banned iPhones when it investigated this potential person's contact with a terrorist organization, as in 2016 when it investigated another person who might be related to terrorists, Apple asked the Justice Department. Open those calls to the FBI.

Apple said it is currently not possible to unlock password-protected phones, and it said that creating back doors that allow companies to access locked devices will harm security and privacy.

Apple gives the FBI access to all information about cell phone owners, including iCloud backup, as well as ongoing technical and investigative support to federal agencies.

"Our company's false allegations are an excuse to weaken encryption and other security measures to protect millions of users. We take national security very seriously, so we do not believe in returning the back doors of every device to make threats vulnerable, at the expense of the wrong people for our security," Apple said in a statement. National and Data Security for our customers. "

The U.S. Attorney General said that the information published by unlocking the phone was invaluable to the investigation and that the killer was linked to al-Qaeda, but stressed that Apple refused to change business practices that would cost a lot of money and valuable time.

Bar said: "Without the FBI's ingenuity, fortune, time and hours of resources, this information will not be found. Our national security cannot be achieved at the expense of legitimate use rights and security rights, and this is to support their interests in the hands of a large company and they have now arrived" A legislative solution has been found . ""

Forcing Apple to create a back door can make the FBI investigation easier and faster, but there's no absolute need for an investigation. The FBI also doesn't mention how to get to the phone, but it's obvious that it doesn't need Apple help.

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