TSMC stops new Huawei orders after U.S. restrictions
TSMC stops new Huawei orders after U.S. restrictions

Several sources have reported to Nikkei Asian Review that Taiwan's semiconductor manufacturer (TSMC), the world's largest chip manufacturer, has submitted new requests from Huawei Technologies to restrict the access of Chinese companies. US strict export restrictions on major chips

The newspaper said: "TSMC has stopped accepting new orders from Huawei after announcing changes to the new rules to fully comply with the latest export control regulations, but the production and sale of new products and TSMC requirements before the new ban are not affected and can continue if these chips can be shipped before mid September, so please continue. ”

A few days ago, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that all non-US chip makers who use American-made design or intellectual property must provide a license before sending the chip to Huawei.

The newspaper quoted people familiar with the matter as saying, "It is a difficult decision for TSMC, as Huawei is the second largest customer after Apple, but chip manufacturers must comply with US regulations."

Huawei is the world's largest mobile device manufacturer and the second largest smartphone manufacturer. The company relies heavily on TSMC to produce advanced chip designs, including all mobile phone processors used in major Huawei smartphones.

The Taiwanese company also manufactures processors and network chips for Huawei AI. This has been an important lifeline for Chinese companies to withstand American pressure since Washington blacklisted the United States in May.

However, the relationship with Huawei brought the Taiwanese company to the Washington-Beijing exchange.

On the same day, TSMC announced plans to invest $ 12 billion in the Arizona plant. The United States announced stricter restrictions. Secretary of State Pompeo (Mike Pompeo) said the move would enhance US national security. The latest technology and control in important industries.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has decided that it rejects strict export restrictions from the United States and that these restrictions pose a major threat to the global supply chain. The Commerce Department called on Washington to lift the new restrictions and warned that if Washington does not do so, China will take countermeasures.

The new US restrictions are particularly targeted at Huawei chip suppliers who receive chip designs from the Chinese manufacturer's design division (HiSilicon Technologies) and put them into production.

According to documents published online by the United States Bureau of Trade, Industry and Security, the chip shipments sent to Huawei went into production before May 15 and were originally scheduled to be shipped on September 14 before midnight. . impose.

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