Twitter has added a warning from Corona's misleading tweets
Twitter has added a warning from Corona's misleading tweets

Twitter announced on Monday that it will add warning messages to specific Tweets containing different or misleading information about emerging coronavirus (COVID-19), as part of a new method to combat misinformation, and could extend to other topics.

Twitter said in the message: If the tweet does not cause any serious damage, it cannot be deleted, but the new warning message contains links to more information, but it can be confusing and misleading. The company added that, depending on the degree of harm and the nature of misleading information in the Tweet, a warning can also be added to confirm that the Tweet in front of the user violates public health policy guidelines.

Twitter said: The warning message - which is similar to the warning about synthetic multimedia and processing - also applies to Tweets sent by Twitter prior to the announcement and by whom.

Social media, including Facebook and YouTube, are under pressure to deal with misinformation about the (Covid-19) virus circulating on their platforms. The virus has infected more than 4.13 million cases, including more than 283,000 deaths. These false accusations include mismanagement of viruses, misinformation, and conspiracy theories related to conspiracy theories of characters like Microsoft Founders (Bill Gates) or related 5G networks.

Twitter said: At the time of publishing, you will not respond to tweets with unconfirmed information, but in addition to claims that are false, they can also post warnings or posters about controversial allegations.

In March, Twitter banned Tweets from health officials that violated Covid's guidelines 19. The company now says it will continue to prioritize deleting tweets that could harm people, such as requiring them to end social periods.

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