Twitter has started testing the Tweet Spam feature
Twitter has started testing the Tweet Spam feature

Twitter said: Twitter has started testing a new way to reduce the number of people who can reply to tweets so that users can only chat with those who need them.

The company released a tweet explaining how the new feature worked and said in a tweet: "Test, test ... This is a new way to chat with the people you need. We'll start with a little part of the world, so watch what you're actually seeing."

In the video attached to Twitter, Twitter made it clear that after creating a tweet, a user can choose who can reply using the options in a tweet. There are three options: each person, the person you follow, and the person mentioned in the tweet.

It is worth noting that Twitter said in January last year that this feature will be available to everyone later this year. Although this feature limits the number of people who can reply to tweets, anyone can see them. Twitter highlights these tweets until the user knows that the number of people who can reply is limited.

Twitter said: The test is "only applicable to a few people around the world" on Android and iOS, and its web app is part of the test.

It is believed that this feature can help users determine who can respond to tweets to prevent abuse and harassment. By limiting the response to a limited number of users, users can start deeper and more targeted conversations with the people they choose without worrying about trolls reaching the conversation.

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