Twitter soon allows you to schedule your tweets
Twitter soon allows you to schedule your tweets

Twitter now offers options for organizing tweets for some users. This is one of the most useful features that everyone wants to use, as this new feature allows users to schedule tweets at a specific time on the Twitter platform itself.

This feature is currently limited to desktop applications that allow you to view all scheduled tweets in the schedule window. The tweet scheduler is very useful for social media and newsletter managers to process their tweets.

It is unclear whether this is just a test or whether the functionality is available to Twitter desktop users around the world.

The platform currently offers Tweetdeck, users can organize tweets and manage multiple accounts through the platform, the tool is widely used by social media managers in addition to other tools such as buffers.

The platform was launched last year to organize tweets in the "Tweet Writing" window. However, the new post has special tab buttons, and the social network has already tested many functions. Including a consistent and potentially harmful response to human warnings posts to limit the spread of hate speech. .

The company plans to give users a second way to edit messages and responses before posting posts and posts if they contain malicious, offensive, or annoying content and the user continues to intend to post this Twitter-based content policy.

While these features pay more attention to platform operation, the Tweet Plan feature can make life easier for people who rely heavily on Twitter's work, as well as posting ads and messages.

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