Uber is developing technologies to ensure that drivers wear masks
Uber is developing technologies to ensure that drivers wear masks

Uber plans to introduce a new policy in the coming weeks that requires drivers and passengers to wear masks or face masks when using their platforms in certain countries, including the United States, because they want to resume their participatory transportation service in the event of a platform epidemic.

As part of the policy, Uber is developing technologies to know that pilots wear masks or masks before making passenger flights, as the company is concerned about the safety of the country when it reopens, and Uber also seeks to hold passengers accountable, although this is more difficult for data protection reasons.

The company has a face verification feature as part of the driver's real-time identity verification feature (introduced in 2016). Uber forces drivers from time to time to take selfies as part of the feature and compare their photos with the photos in the file to make sure they match.

The company said: "We always demand that passengers stay in their homes as much as possible while presenting the basic demands of traveling drivers such as masks and disinfectants. Our team prepares for the next stage of recovery, and we play a role, and we continue to urge all passengers and drivers to wear masks or face masks when using Uber.

Boarding orders due to the Corona virus epidemic have caused significant losses to the crowdsourcing industry. Dara Khusraw-Shahi, CEO of Uber, told investors in March that the company has experience in most major cities. The lethal drop reached 70%.

The emerging food service industry (Uber Eats) cannot make up for losses in the passenger transport industry. Reports released late last month showed Uber is considering layoffs at 20%, while competitors (Lyft) announced last week that they would fire nearly 200%. 1000 employees.

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