WHO is preparing to launch its Corona application
WHO is preparing to launch its Corona application

A WHO official told Reuters on Friday that the organization plans to launch an application this month that allows people in low-resource countries to assess whether they have emerging coronaviruses and are considering increasing the tracking of Bluetooth-based contacts. Function.

(Bernardo Mariano) - WHO Director of Information: The app asks people about their symptoms and provides advice on (Covid-19) the possibility of these symptoms. Other information (such as how to take the test) is customized depending on the user’s country.

Mariano said in a phone interview that although WHO distributes copies of the program to app stores around the world, any government will be able to use basic application technologies and add functionality and make them available in the app store. He released his own version.

Many countries like India, Australia, Turkey and the UK have used their technology to deploy official applications with the same functionality. These apps have common features, including asking people to test their symptoms and record actions that help them track contacts more effectively.

Many countries step up contact tracking as a person is found and identified to isolate them. This is important to keep the economy open safely, and applications that run on part of the process can automatically speed up work.

The World Health Organization hopes that its application will attract the attention of other countries, such as: South American cases and some cases in Africa, but the lack of technology and engineers who are able to develop applications or work hard to provide tests and training.

The World Health Organization plans to issue guidelines next week to guide countries on issues to consider when evaluating their telecom tracking applications. WHO is also planning to release an app next week to educate health workers around the world about best practices for wearing protective clothing, hand washing and antiviral treatment.

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