Xiaomi will launch the Mi Band 5 smart bracelet on June 11
Xiaomi will launch the Mi Band 5 smart bracelet on June 11

Xiaomi announced today that it will confirm the Mi Band 5 Smart bracelet's launch schedule at the June 11 event.

Xiaomi will be ready to launch the Mi Band 5 Smart Group in a few days. He has a new sporty style. In addition to yellow, there are 4 colors like black, green, orange, etc.

The Mi Band 5 smart bracelet will be officially launched with a pressure gauge function in the coming period, and will especially support women's health monitoring in addition to new sports situations, including rowing and yoga, in addition to other sports modes, during the Smart Hand Ring Mi Band 5 comes with models Supports NFC technology.

The Xiaomi Band 5 Smart bracelet was introduced in the Mi Wear app in the previous period, as this version provided by Xiaomi has the same function of Band 4 design and the maximum screen size is up to 1.2 inches.

His wrist Mi Band 5 also includes a Sp02 sensor to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, and its position can be tracked according to user activity, especially in the AI ​​technology that the Amazfit smart watch and leaks operate. This shows that this smart bracelet supports Alexa digital assistant.

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