YouTube has solved the problem of removing CCP critics
YouTube has solved the problem of removing CCP critics

YouTube claimed it fixed a bug in its review system that would cause CPC to criticize comments using specific Chinese phrases automatically.

YouTube explained that the error was that the comments containing the phrases "communist gangs" ("communist gangs") and "fifty fifties" ("fifty cents") were removed from the site within seconds. The last sentence is an insult to the Chinese central government and the first sentence is blasphemy against Internet users who have pushed to defend the Communist Party of China against critics on the Internet. The source is that these users can earn 50 cents per post.

YouTube told The Verge that the issue of deleting comments with these two sentences was resolved, but he continued searching for the root cause and indicated that other sentences might still be affected.

The deletion report was reported by users in October of last year, but YouTube only provided a formal response to the issue after The Verge released a report on the issue on Tuesday.

Although YouTube accused the process of fixing an "Execution System" error, no explanation was provided for how the error occurred. A spokesman for the website told The Verge: The deletion was not the result of changes to YouTube's monitoring policy, and the website relied on its automated system due to the ever-increasing appearance of "a Coronian virus that caused automatic deletion."

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