After the theft Apple has temporarily closed its store in the U.S
After the theft Apple has temporarily closed its store in the U.S

To help keep employees and customers safe, Apple has temporarily closed the latest US retailer after George Floyd's death in Minneapolis. a plus.

From the east coast to the west coast of the country, many Apple stores have been attacked by thieves or vandals. They hope to continue protests against retail stores to steal Apple products and prevent the death of US citizens.

As a precaution, the company tried to protect some stores as a precaution and unload them to reduce damage. Meanwhile, Apple said the store will remain closed until Sunday and some severely damaged websites will be closed.

"Given the health and safety of our team, we decided to close several stores in the United States on Sunday," the company said.

The closure is a blow to Apple's attempt to reopen all retail stores worldwide after the temporary closure of the emerging Corona epidemic. Before the protests started, Apple took precautionary measures. Apple reopened only 140 of 271 stores in the U.S. George Floyd was brought to justice last week.

The first target was the Apple Uptown business in Minneapolis, which was damaged and looted. The protests also destroyed and robbed Portland, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Charleston, and Washington, DC. Apple stores in Scottsdale and San Francisco.

According to reports, stolen Apple products can only be used outside the store and cannot be used. The authorities can track them.

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