Amazon experienced the largest DDoS attack ever
Amazon experienced the largest DDoS attack ever

Amazon said: Amazon Web Services (AWS) has mitigated the impact of its largest private denial of service (DDoS). The peak traffic of 2.3 terabytes was stopped in mid-February of this year and this incident was determined in 2007. AWS Shield Threat Landscape reports details of web attacks mitigated by Amazon's AWS Shield Protection Service.

To better understand this number, the report shows that the biggest DDoS attack recorded before February of this year occurred in March 2018, when NetScout Arbor peaked at 1.7 terabytes and the GitHub platform cut showed that its production peaked in February 2018 at 1.35 trillion.

The report did not specify the target customer for Amazon Web Services (AWS), but determined the following: The attack was carried out by a hijacked web server (CLDAP), which was a major three-day threat to AWS employees. Signal. The service protects the cloud computing platform. When writing automated chat programs and applications, the client is protected from Amazon attacks with DDoS attacks and security vulnerabilities.

CLDAP is an alternative to the old LDAP, which links, searches and changes shared directories online. The protocol has been abused in DDoS attacks since late 2016, and the CLDAP server is known to incorrectly increase DDoS traffic in the following ways: Its functionality is 70 times its original size, making it a very popular protocol for DDoS attacks.

Denial of service attacks against NetScout Arbor and (GitHub) against Memcached servers. These servers, which were exposed to the internet, intentionally misused internet traffic to increase traffic and access to huge frequency bands, and in 2018 many pirate organizations quickly misused more than 100 servers. (Memcached) to spoil the Internet.

In the years that followed, Internet service providers (ISPs) and content distribution networks (CDNs) included the use of memcached servers, and major DDoS attacks became less common.

Currently, most DDoS attacks peak at around 500GB, which is why 2.3-ton traffic reports surprise companies in the industry.

Amazon said: The largest attack size I saw between the second quarter of 2018 and the fourth quarter of 2019 was less than 1 TB, and 99% of the attacks in the first quarter of this year were 43 GB or less.

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