Apple plans to close iBooks Author and iTunes U
Apple plans to close iBooks Author and iTunes U

Apple announced in a supporting document on its website that iTunes U will be closed by the end of 2021. So if you are an iTunes U teacher and can share your course with the world digitally, this should be a new reality now.

After stopping for a few years, the platform received the latest updates to stability improvements in 2017, and after it stopped supporting the platform to make it illogical. ITunes is no longer a full store as before.

Apple indicated that it is building standalone applications such as (Classroom) and (Homework) to help teachers distribute materials and students. Many third-party apps now use digital education as their main feature.

Apple first launched the iTunes U platform in 2007 as part of the iTunes Store, which is designed to offer courses and content from the best universities in the United States. The company said that by 2013: these courses have been downloaded more than a billion times, the largest outside the United States.

In mid-2019, a lot of content was moved to other platforms, for example b. Audio content only aired on the Apple Podcasts app and appears to have been preparing for final close.

Apple has said that all existing iTunes U content will be preserved until 2020-2021, but teachers are encouraged to back up their data as soon as possible.

With most schools transitioning to the Internet during a coronavirus, Schoolwork was recently updated so teachers can manage student homework and information remotely through the cloud. Meanwhile, Classroom can turn iPad into a teaching assistant that can help teachers. Have students complete the course and monitor progress.

As of July 1, the company says that new users will not be able to use iBooks Author. Apple said that existing application users can still access it, but they cannot update it later: it is developing a way to enable users to transfer content. Move to Pages tool. Once you've added many iBooks articles to pages, get ready.

Apple said: You can continue to use (iBooks Author) on macOS 10.15 and earlier, and books previously published on Apple Books on iBooks Author are still available.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Apple has taken several steps to support distance learning, including creating a website for distance learning resources, publishing a video learning series, teaching and training courses for educators and parents, and strengthening iCloud collaboration capabilities to help users complete folder sharing (iWork) and add functionality to it, such as B. Offline Editing.

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