Amazon prevents the police from using its facial recognition technology
Amazon prevents the police from using its facial recognition technology

Amazon made it clear that the police use of facial recognition software would be suspended for a year to halt operations as technology companies pressed to kill George Freud, and the Minneapolis police increased. Come bigger.

The move eventually led to a two-year conflict between Amazon and civil liberties activists who expressed concern that mismatches could lead to unfair arrests.

The death of George Floyd raised fears that the recognition technology on the face of the demonstrators can be used unfairly.

Critics cited a previous study that found that Amazon opposed the ministry's efforts to determine the gender of dark-skinned people.

The company sells cloud computing technologies through the Amazon Web Services (AWS). The company said in a statement: The company needs regulations to ensure that the use of the program is ethical.

"We hope the one-year suspension law will give Congress enough time to implement the law, and we're ready to help if we want to," she added.

Congress has been looking into the possibility of regulating technology for several months. IBM has written to lawmakers that it no longer provides facial recognition in general, and Microsoft has rejected some terms of sale and support but did not support the suspension.

Nicole Ozer, director of technology and civil liberties at the American Civil Liberties Union in Northern California, said: “Face recognition technology gives the government unprecedented powers to monitor us. We urge Microsoft and other companies to join IBM, Google and Amazon. "

Amazon criticized the company suffered because of their appearance and the defense on the face recognition technology, which is a symbol of its declaration. As we all know, companies like Idemia and NEC Corp. She has conducted many business activities in the field of facial recognition technology with the government.

Amazon launched this service (recognition) in 2016 and described it as a service with which apps can easily add image analysis and discover objects, scenes, and faces in photos. Amazon said last year that the service can be recognized using expressions to reveal a person's fear, and you can also determine if the person is happy or sad.

(Estimated) 2018 private sector revenue was about $ 3 million from Amazon's $ 25.7 billion revenue.

These agencies generally indicate that they use face recognition technology in post-criminal investigations rather than in real-time monitoring. According to Amazon, customers who help law enforcement agencies detect victims of human trafficking can still use the technology.

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