Dell launched the G7 Gaming and G5 desktop computer
Dell launched the G7 Gaming and G5 desktop computer

Dell announces new versions of gaming computers, including the G7 and G5 desktops.

Dell today launched a new game console as another alternative to Alienware game consoles. This is due to the new G7 series with options 17 and 15 inches. The G7 series boasts a slim and thin design of 0. Dell offers a selection of four-segment RGB lighting panels. The keyboard brightness is higher and the lower part of the device is lower.

In addition, the G7 also offers premium 17-inch models. You can choose between an Intel Core i9 Octa Core processor chip, GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q display, 32GB RAM and 4K OLED display. The PCIe SSD storage capacity can reach the maximum capacity. Dell also introduced a 1 TB G7 with game switch button that supports cooling of the most powerful devices.

Dell G7 17-inch device should be available today at a starting price of $ 1,430, and a premium version of the 15-inch version will be available starting June 29 starting at $ 1,430.

Dell also released a Dell G5 gaming desktop update. This version uses a compact design this year featuring a processor chip that supports up to Core i9, GeForce RTX 2070 Super Screen, 64 GB RAM and RGB lighting options for the device. The transparent design demonstrates the hardware configuration and is expected to launch on July 9 at a starting price of $ 749.


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