Dropbox is called Password Manager and Security to store secret documents
Dropbox is called Password Manager and Security to store secret documents

Dropbox today announced the launch of new features. Most of them focus on enhanced security features, such as the password manager, which was first recognized this month.

New features include an "inside" file security feature that stores important files (such as birth certificates) and a new way to backup the file. IT in Dropbox account.

With a password manager - Dropbox passwords - users can save passwords securely with a password, similar to services like 1Passwords or LastPass, but use account data (Dropbox) here. After assuming Valt Password Manager last year, Dropbox Password Manager started.

Dropbox Vault introduced the Dropbox Vault feature, which allows it to be saved in your Dropbox account to store and protect confidential documents with a 6-digit PIN code. The company said that the files are stored when they are downloaded and downloaded, and on the Dropbox server. The company has also launched a new service that allows users to automatically save backups of Windows and Mac computer folders in their Dropbox accounts.

Dropbox and Dropbox Vault passwords are now available as beta versions for Dropbox Plus mobile subscribers for $ 11.99 per month. Other users of Dropbox Plus will also get a demo of the benefits in the coming weeks. As of today, the backup function can be used by all users (Dropbox).

Another service launched today is the Dropbox Family service, which allows up to 6 family members to use the service with a paid subscription. This service will be available to Dropbox Plus users in the coming weeks and will be available to all users later this year.

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