Due to Mark Zuckerberg's decision disputes within Facebook are increasing
Due to Mark Zuckerberg's decision disputes within Facebook are increasing

Disagreements within Facebook spread about the executive response to Donald Trump's presidency openly, and Facebook director Mark Zuckerberg wrote in an article on Friday: The platform has intensified George Freud's protests and has done nothing. Minneapolis, although the president said, "When the flight started, the shooting started."

Twitter itself used warning settings to hide the message itself, noting that it violated the guidelines for beautifying violence. Although Twitter did not delete the message, Twitter users must click on the warning to view the message.

Facebook also has a policy prohibiting incitement to violence, but Zuckerberg made it clear that the situation was not violated. He wrote: "I know a lot of people are frustrated because we left the presidency, but our position is that we must do our best. Freedom of expression is permitted unless there is a direct risk of harm or limitation of risk in a clear policy."

He added: "We decided to stop there." Because the reference to the National Guard is participation as a warning to national action, people must know that the government plans to use violence, and our incitement policy allows discussions about the use of violence by the state. ""

This decision seems to have shocked many people inside Facebook. One of them, a research and development employee, said that some of them use the competitive Twitter platform to express this: "I am a Facebook employee, but I totally disagree with Mark's decision not to deal with Trump recently. Clearly, the decision to do something about this message has caught people's attention Violence is not the only one on Facebook and it has no neutral attitude towards racism. "

One of the designers said on Twitter: “Mark Zuckerberg does not understand violence in the country,” as a Twitter engineer said: “I work on Facebook, and it showed us, and I am proud that most of the colleagues I have spoken to feel the same, and I know that many colleagues At work and feel the same. "

It should be noted that not all public information sent to employees is hostile to Zuckerberg as some employees have attempted to defend the CEO’s decision, including a senior manager (Andrew Bosworth) deployed to support the movement. To the problem of black life, but he did not comment on that. Commercial Operations.

Bosworth (Bosworth) posted an internal message in 2016 proving that any Facebook growth is appropriate, even if it harms or kills people.

The employees were reported to have used the company's internal messaging platform to pressure the management to quit the job. And one of the messages said: "Obviously, I feel sad and shy. I hope this is not the final evaluation. I hope someone clearly needs violence when discussing it.

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