Facebook introduces new recommendations for group leaders
Facebook introduces new recommendations for group leaders

Facebook made new recommendations to group leaders to encourage discussions about race, inequality, and social issues, such as the "black life" movement that has spread across the United States and many more. country.

These groups, essential to Facebook's business strategy, work hard to facilitate discussions, and many managers and supervisors have cut positions that they consider politically important.

The removal decision encourages members to leave the group they have been in for many years, to quarrel, to form a divided group, and sometimes to close the group completely temporarily.

Facebook directly tries to solve the problem of the political publishing ban that many groups follow and recommends that regulators compile a list of specific issues not allowed, and the company uses laws, political candidates, and discussions about specific campaigns as examples.

Facebook also recommended that moderators know about issues and give different new members the opportunity to join the monitoring team. The social network recommends groups to have supervisors from affected communities.

It is also recommended to recognize current events by describing legal publications, listening to opinions of members and accepting changes in the types of situations permitted.

The Facebook group is a place to share interests and experiences with others and to find support. Nowadays, many people communicate with their communities to discuss what is happening, share their personal experiences, and organize their support.

The social media giant wrote: "We know these conversations are difficult and reflect the ongoing differences in our society, but they are necessary and we hope we can continue to help you continue discussions, and some presidents may." Not sure how to handle these important discussions in their community, especially for groups that were originally built on non-social issues. "

Facebook had previously suggested that the group compile a list of laws to monitor dialogue, but these laws appear to be hindering regulators now.

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