Facebook launches a campaign against white national accounts
Facebook launches a campaign against white national accounts

Facebook said on Tuesday that it had deleted accounts related to white nationalist groups after some people called for weapons to be used in the current wave of anti-racist protests.

Company officials also said they deleted accounts that they incorrectly claimed to be linked to the Antiva movement, an anti-fascist and Nazi protest movement against capitalism, neoliberalism, and extreme rights.

They said they focused on protecting people from government attacks, but President Donald Trump lost their credibility and said that no evidence had been provided: They provoked violence against the police.

Some of the deleted white national accounts are linked to the "Proud Boy" group, which Facebook previously classified as a dangerous group. Others are associated with an organization called the American Guard, which is now categorized in the same way.

Several Facebook managers have anonymously announced the process. They said: Because Facebook (Antiva) doesn't classify it as a dangerous sport, they don't follow our content guidelines. The company said that if it saw stories of white nationalism that should foster violence, it was closely following the history of the protests.

Facebook said that due to "unrealistic behavior," the misleading account (Antiva) was deleted, claiming that the members of the movement were wrong.

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