Facebook launches the renewed news section
Facebook launches the renewed news section

The Facebook platform contains an improved news area for all US users. This edition includes a region dedicated to local news and other topics, including a section on George Freud. The tab is currently only available on mobile. Found via: in the menu, then select View more and browse several other parts.

This new product represents Facebook's new efforts to create controversy to attract publishers to participate in its platform and promises to increase trading. This segment was first tested in the U.S. as a limited test since October last year, and Facebook said at the time that it would pay for the publishers participating in the show.

The company is defined by the "Frequently Asked Questions" section (which describes the structure of the new version of the information service) - its editorial strategy (including the publishers you choose) and the indicators used to define media reports.

The company hired an artificial team to do the job, and Facebook checks the source of the news by trying the News Page Index again.

The social media giant has said it relies on existing third-party verification providers to find new Corona virus content and other sensitive issues, using the same monitoring as click monitoring, hot content, and material that violates copyright.

Facebook said: In addition to meeting work integrity standards, publishers also need an audience large enough to be considered a participating publisher. Facebook tried to use local news as the backbone of its new division, and the company said it has worked with thousands of local media outlets and has focused more on trying to provide information. General and patriotic.

With the increasing global knowledge of news from Americans and citizens of other countries around the world, the financial problems of advertising and traditional journalism via Facebook and message algorithms, as well as the slow death of local news, have increased with the shift of social media to the world. Inform yourself.

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