Facebook provides the ability to delete old embarrassing messages
Facebook provides the ability to delete old embarrassing messages

Facebook today (Tuesday) announced the launch of a new feature called "Event Management" that allows users to delete old messages.

The new "Event Management" function can be used to delete old messages individually or in bulk. According to Facebook, filter options are provided that can be used to find messages that contain specific people or were sent on a specific date.

Facebook, which has the largest social network in the world, said in an article that the (event management) functionality would be offered initially to users who use their apps on mobile devices.

According to Facebook, this functionality should make it "easy for you to manage your Facebook presence in a way that more accurately displays your current personality." The company states that this feature can be used for any message people want to erase all memories of old relationships.

This function offers two different options for deleting posts from the timeline, because the first option allows you to send them to the trash, immediately delete them from the public view and finally delete them from the network after 30 days. The second option is that you can delete the post archive from the public view, but it's always available for private viewing.

(Event Management) is Facebook's latest attempt to give users more control over data. Last year, the "Clear History" tool was launched, which allows users to separate web browser data from their Facebook accounts.

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