Facebook warns users before sharing old messages
Facebook warns users before sharing old messages

The Facebook social network announced today (Thursday) the introduction of a new notification screen to inform users when they try to share messages posted 90 days ago.

Facebook said on his blog: "When we ask people what kind of messages they want to see on Facebook, they keep telling us they want reliable, up-to-date information." For this reason, we added a Context button in 2018. This button contains information (the latest news) about the source of the article.

The company added: "Today we launched a worldwide notification screen to inform users when they want to share news articles that have been shared for more than 90 days."

To ensure that users have the context to make informed decisions when sharing content on Facebook, a notification screen is displayed when the user clicks the share button in an article older than 90 days However, if the user chooses to share, you can continue sharing. The article is always worth sharing

Facebook said that in recent months, its internal research has shown that article timing is an important part of the context that can help users decide what to read, trust, and share. News publishers, especially business news publishers, are concerned about using old social media articles to share current news, which could misunderstand the state of current events. Some news publishers took steps to avoid misleading news by tagging old articles and resolving this issue on their website.

The company said it will also test other uses for notification screens in the coming months. Posts with links to emerging coronavirus (COVID-19) are looking to use a similar notification screen that provides information about the source of the link and directing users to the COVID-. 19) For more reliability. Health information.

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