Google acquires North leader in augmented reality glasses
Google acquires North leader in augmented reality glasses

Google said today: It has acquired North, a Amazon-supported company that has been a leader in the smart glasses industry since its founding 8 years ago, with the goal of actively improving its market position in the market.

Although the value of the deal has not yet been released, Globe and Mail is the first newspaper to talk about Google’s interest in the company and set a price of around $ 180 million, which is less than $ 1 of $ 200 million in investment. According to the Crunchbase database.

Google is a leader in augmented reality augmented reality technology, which typically uses smart glasses to create computers in the real world.

Google launched the first device to support AR, in 2012, Google Glass. However, since glasses can record videos, the high price of starting glasses and privacy concerns has weakened their appeal to consumers. Energy. However, due to competition from Microsoft's Hololens, Google continues to provide versions of Google Glass for the company.

Google said: The acquisition of the (North) will help achieve the so-called "peripheral computing" vision. The so-called "terminal computing" means that devices connected to the Internet can work together independently. "Looking forward to the future and everything around you can help because all of your devices can work together, but this technology makes them invisible," said Rick Osterloo, senior vice president of Google Devices and Services. North Technical Experience will help us to continue investing in the future of hardware and computers.

The Canadian company was originally called Thalmic Labs and then changed brands by launching smart 3D glasses called Focals in 2018.

It is worth noting that the announcement of the acquisition of (North) and Google announced the launch of a new feature that allows users to bring certain dinosaurs to the real world using the technology of augmented reality.

Google has made it clear that you only need to search for a supported dinosaur using your mobile device. Then click on the "3D View" option to display the dinosaurs in three dimensions in the real world. You can hear the sound of the dinosaurs on your Android phone.

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