Google is testing many important functions of the Meet app
Google is testing many important functions of the Meet app

In addition to the phone calling capabilities of Nest Hub Max, Google has started testing various video conferencing services via the Meet app for its corporate and training clients.

Similar to the zoom service and other video conferencing apps, Google Mitt allows users to blur the background and replace it. The company offers many standard backgrounds, the ability to upload private photos, and allows callers to disable this feature. The company announced that the feature will be available to all users in the coming months.

After Google recently added a user interface that can display 16 people at a time, the company now plans to add a new user interface that can increase the number of people to 49. The company also plans to add a function (raising your hand)) that allows people involved in the call to raise their hands to join a conversation or ask a question. It also activates the "room separation" feature, which divides important calls into multiple groups, conducts parallel discussions in groups, and meets again after discussions are completed.

The company will add another feature that allows the creation of communication channels and calls without a call. It also adds real-time polling to large calls, as well as call monitoring, mute and delivery, and other added controls and other features. Google has not specified a release date for these features.

Google also plans to add more monitoring and control measures to teachers later this year, including preventing anyone who refuses to join the call from requesting access again. If rejected twice, the requisition will not be shown.

The supervisor can finish the call to all participants and ensure that the student does not feel bored after leaving the teacher. For each anonymous user, they also have the standard blocking function and they cannot access the educational phone.

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