Google launches Currents to replace Google+
Google launches Currents to replace Google+

Google has launched the Google Currents platform, replacing the closed platform (Google+). After more than a year in beta, we assume the Google Currents platform itself is the brand new app (Google News). Today is July 6th, but only for G Suite members.

After a long period of inactivity, the Google+ platform was closed in April, but Google refused to completely shut down its social network. Instead, it renamed it "Google Currents" and provided an institutional approach.

Google Currents is very similar (Google+), but it has a productivity-oriented user interface. According to the Google Currents Experience page, a modified social network is a place to share ideas with employees and gather opinions through meaningful and focused thematic discussions. The agency is interested.

Google detected a serious data breach that affected nearly 50 million users and announced that it would shut down (Google+) because the affected account would reveal the third-party developer’s name, address, location, and age, regardless of whether the account is private or public.

It is not clear whether Google will attempt to attract Google Currents to a wider group of consumers due to their recent use of Meet, because video conferencing was previously only available to G Suite members, but is now free for everyone until September, although only G Suite is not included In 60 minutes.

Google has changed all non-deactivated (Google+) accounts for members (G Suite). For all accounts (Google+) that have not been deactivated, existing links (Google+) are automatically transferred to Google Streams (redirected)).

The new mobile app (Google Currents) also replaces the Google+ app on Android and iOS devices that are no longer supported. After July 6, 2020, you will not be able to unsubscribe (Google Currents) or return (Google+). .

Google said: “Since July 6, 2020, when Google Currents is publicly available, all existing Google+ content from users and your organization will be automatically transferred to (Google Currents), which may take up to 5 days users can pause in any Time. "

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