Google updates its maps to protect users from Corona
Google updates its maps to protect users from Corona

Google announced on Monday that it has added many features to its mapping service to help users tackle the mobile challenges caused by the Corona-19 virus epidemic (COVID-19).

The tech giant said in an article: "Today's move from (a) to (b) can be more complicated. Thanks (Covid-19) you can understand how busy the station is at one point or when the bus is limited. The process at the right time is gaining importance." Increasingly, she added: "Having this information on the road and on the road is essential for any major factor that needs to work safely, countries around the world are beginning to resume more and more important to everyone."

In the latest release of Google Maps for Android and iOS devices, Google has introduced new features that make it easier for users to find important information when they need to go out (whether by car or public transportation).

When users search for bus routes (Covid-19) that may be subject to restrictions, Google Maps displays related warnings from the local public transport service.

These warnings can help users prepare accordingly, especially when government orders affect public transportation services or users require to wear masks on public transport. The following countries will now take over public transport alert tasks: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, UK, and US will support more countries soon.

Google Maps also provides driving notifications to inform users of checkpoints and HIV restrictions (Covid-19). If your route is affected by these restrictions, a warning will be displayed to the user on the Path Description screen after navigation begins.

When traveling to a medical facility or test center (Covid-19), Google Maps displays a warning to remind users to confirm their eligibility, not to override facility instructions, or cause additional pressure on the local physician system. As of this week, alerts will be delivered to medical facilities in Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea and the United States, while alerts for test centers in the United States will be used for the first time.

After Google added traffic congestion forecasts last year, tens of millions of users contributed, and it is now easier to contribute. Google has also announced that visibility is available to users around the world. Visibility includes temperature, accessibility, and the position of women in transportation.

To maintain social segregation, this should be avoided (COFED-19) and it will be easier to determine the time when the traffic center is crowded, making travel planning easier for users.

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