Honda stopped production due to cyber attacks
Honda stopped production due to cyber attacks

Honda's global activities have been attacked by ransomware over the Internet. The Japanese car company is still struggling to recover everything. .

The attack affected Honda's global production and forced some factories to shut down because the company had to make sure the quality control system was not threatened, a company spokesman said: Honda suspected that the ransom program attacked the company's internal servers.

The problem affected the company's ability to access computer servers, use email, and use its internal systems, and also affected production systems outside Japan, but the company tried to reduce the impact and reduce production and sales - and resume development activities. All jobs.

"There is currently no evidence of loss of personal information. We have resumed production in most factories and are currently resuming production of cars and engines in major Ohio plants," Honda said in a statement.

Ransomware has affected the company's production system and factories in Turkey, India and Brazil are still operating. It is believed that the attack uses a ransom program called (Snake). In this attack, hackers encrypt company files to be held hostage and then provide a way to decrypt them. For money.

Honda said it was a serious ransom attack on the internal alert system. IT teams across the world and across North America continue their efforts to contain these attacks and resume normal business operations as soon as possible. However, many of these were affected by the information system.

Honda found that some factories were reopened. However, according to a complaint on the Twitter platform, owners cannot pay online or visit the company's customer service website.

A staff member of one of the largest customer and financial services offices in North America informed the company that the temporary workers (who made up the majority of the company’s workforce) did not receive their salaries while the company was closing.

Honda employs approximately 220,000 people in more than 400 group companies worldwide.

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