HP announces the X24c gaming display with a curved design
HP announces the X24c gaming display with a curved design

Hewlett-Packard today announced the latest version of the X24c gaming screen, which features a curved design, a 24-inch size, and a gaming screen that will be launched at a competitive price and will be available in the fall for $ 250.

The HP X24c is equipped with a 24-inch screen with a curvature of 1500 R. This means that it is the most curved gaming screen by HP. The company introduced AMD FreeSync Premium onscreen technology to support fast input response while avoiding cracks.

AMD FreeSync Premium technology supports low image compensation in games by displaying multiple images multiple times at 120Hz per second and 1080p resolution. HP introduced the HP X24c display at a 144Hz refresh rate.

The HP X24c display also supports higher contrast than TN and IPS displays. The HP X24c has a 3000: 1 contrast ratio, which is an important factor for improving image quality.

It is reported that HP did not provide details about the HP X24c display range, but the screen will be available for $ 250 in the fall.


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