Launching the Zigazoo app to be a children's tik tuk
Launching the Zigazoo app to be a children's tik tuk

(Zack Ringlestein) has already developed a service for the school, and has launched a new application, and the application will be "tik tuk child", called the new application (Zigazoo).

Rangelstein previously created UClass, which allows district employees, schools, and institutions to save, tag, organize, share, search, view, and download files.

Because he was afraid that the child would be overused due to the emergence of the new Corona Virus (COVID-19) at school, COVID-19 launched its new application (Zigazoo), which changed screen time in learning and entertainment at the same time.

(Zigazoo) is free for kids, they can answer short video exercises by video responses and share answers with friends. The practice ranges from using baking soda to creating a volcano that impedes movement through food. App for pre-school for college kids.

To ensure the app's privacy, Ringelstein said: Parents must be the primary users of the app and users must accept a friend's request to view their content. The app developer believes this decision is the key to avoiding illegal or potential bullying.

Ringelstein also started testing the app with his kids, saying the results are encouraging. Her audition showed her that kids love to make longer videos and watch smaller videos.

In just one month, the Zigazoo app contains over 100,000 videos. When teachers use the Tik Tok app to create short lessons for students, Ringelstein strives to make the app a safe alternative for children, especially for themselves. Unlike Tik Tok, the content appears on the main Tik Tok screen display to various users and users that they can follow anyone (Zigazoo), forcing children to accept friendship requests so they can interact with them. Others, like Facebook.

Ringelstein plans to partner with some of the major entertainment companies for children, broadcasters, museums, libraries, zoos and network operators to launch Zigazoo channels this summer.

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