Many iOS apps crash due to Facebook
Many iOS apps crash due to Facebook

Due to a problem with the Facebook login feature, many iOS apps are not available, so Apple users cannot access many popular services like Spotify, Pinterest and Tinder.

There are a large number of reports on social media platforms about application crashes when running on iPhones and iPads and corresponding downtime reports of DownDetector.

The cause of the error appears to be the Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK), which many applications use to manage user connections.

Users don't need to log into the app through Facebook to set their apps (they don't even need to install Facebook), and there are no reports of the app blocking for Android devices.

Facebook admits to developers through its platform that its software is causing problems, and the company said: "We know and we are investigating the increase in errors that caused the failure of some applications (iOS SDK)."

Many platform developers (GitHub) have reported problems with their apps and accused Facebook of showing that the apps are back to normal after a few hours.

"Early changes in the code caused some iOS apps that used Facebook SDK to crash. We quickly identified and solved the problem. We apologize for any misbehavior," a company spokesman said.

It should be noted that this incident is not the first time since the Facebook software development team faced almost the same issue on May 6 and dozens of services have been suspended for a long time, which has resulted in a large number of app outages.

Facebook encourages developers to use applications and comments to provide valuable information to integrate login services into their applications.

(SDK) is suitable for developers and marketing teams as it can also be used to track advertising conversions provided via Facebook.

This means that a problem with the Facebook service affects a large number of other applications. Every time a user opens an app that uses the SDK, he connects to the Facebook server to set up connection authentication.

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