MI CC10 phone case leakage illustration shows mobile phone design
MI CC10 phone case leakage illustration shows mobile phone design

The latest leaks from the following Xiaomi Mi CC10 phone case are shown, and the case shows the phone design that will be launched in the future.

Xiaomi is preparing to launch a new generation of MI CC mobile phones. We have identified leaks in the phone case, as shown on the phone protection screen, which confirms some key technical data of the phone.

The leakage of the Xiaomi CC10 phone case confirms that the phone's back camera has a circular design that includes a square setting and a design that mimics OnePlus 7T, and that the camera setting contains an LED flash.

The leaked photos also confirmed that the MI CC10 phone screen does not have any projections from the front camera, as this should indicate that the phone has a screen slot design for the front camera, and the leak also indicates that Xiaomi CC10 phone uses a central camera design.

Some expectations indicate that the MI CC10 phone will be equipped with a 108-megapixel main sensor, just like the previous Mi CC9 Pro phone, or that the sensor will be launched in the global market under the name Mi Note 10 and HMX will once again issue the HM2 sensor from Samsung.

Additionally, the MI CC10 phone must support up to 120x digital zoom and up to 12x optical zoom. The phone is expected to feature a Snapdragon 775G processor, so before the official release we are looking for more details on this version.


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