Microsoft has launched a free tool to recover deleted files
Microsoft has launched a free tool to recover deleted files

Microsoft has launched a new Windows file recovery tool that allows users to recover files that were accidentally deleted from computers.

Windows File Recovery comes with an image of a command line application that can be used to recover a number of files and documents from a local storage drive, an external USB storage drive, or even from an outside-camera SD memory card. The app does not support recovering deleted files from cloud storage service or shared files over the network.

Like all other file recovery apps, the new tool forces users to use it as soon as possible. Because deleted data can only be recovered from storage media before replacing other data.

With the new Microsoft tool (Windows file recovery), MP3 audio files, MP4 video files, PDF files, JPEG image files and application files (such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint) can be recovered. Power point.

The tool contains a standard mode that is mainly used for NTFS file system. It can also recover files from damaged drives or after formatting. Another, perhaps most common, mode is that users can recover certain types of files from FAT, exFAT, and ReFS file systems. However, this mode takes longer to recover files.

Microsoft hopes that accidentally deleting important files or accidentally deleting storage drives will make the new Windows File Recovery tool useful to everyone.

It is worth noting that Microsoft introduced the (previous version) feature in previous versions of Windows 10 that users can use to recover deleted files. However, for users to use it, they must use the function (files are deactivated by default). To activate it in a targeted way.

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