Review AUKEY DR02-USA FHD Dash Cam Car Camera
AUKEY DR02-USA FHD Dash Cam Car Camera

Compact driving companion
AUKEY 1080p dashboard camera features an optimized design that provides hidden monitoring of all your trips. You will receive powerful video instructions that will help you in the event of a driving accident or accident - you can insure while driving. Avoid the risk of losing insurance claims and protect yourself from insurance fraud.

Easy to install
Connect the camera from the dashboard to the windshield in seconds using the 3M adhesive pad. Connect the car charger to two accompanying ports and connect the engine recorder to the mini-B cable to power the device and start recording immediately.

Tune and forget

Easy to carry with the car. Even if it's still running (requires DC), it also monitors the recording of alternate motion detection.

Comfortable memory management
It records endless loop recording mode (up to ten minutes per clip) and writes to old clips when the micro SD card is full. Never go out of memory or manage it.

1080p drive recorder
Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor can record clear videos.

Super wide
Extending the field of view to 170 degrees provides full road coverage.

Clear night shot
HDR and other improvements ensure better image quality when driving at night.

Hidden design
The camera is hidden behind the rearview mirror.
Review AUKEY DR02-USA FHD Dash Cam Car Camera
AUKEY DR02-USA FHD Dash Cam Car Camera

Emergency mode
Unexpected driving accidents are recorded automatically. It is activated by a sharp curve or a sudden stop.

Easy step
3M fixed label and cable clip for easy and safe installation.

AUKEY DR02-USA FHD Dash Cam Car Camera Specs
  • Behind the rearview mirror there is an invisible "invisible" driving recorder that can help you at any time in a traffic accident. The Sony Exmor sensor can capture all content in Ultra HD 1080p, has a very wide field of view of 170 degrees and provides excellent night driving performance in low-light conditions. Video recording (with optional car audio) and photos
  • The emergency recording mode is activated by the built-in gravity sensor, which can detect unexpected driving accidents automatically and prevent overwriting. Interval recording Creates time-lapse videos for your trip. Contact the AUKEY GM-32 GPS antenna (sold separately) to get accurate location and speed data. This enables excellent flight tracking and better protection through free third-party software
  • The 3M double-sided cushion can be attached easily and safely to the windshield within seconds. If you do not want to install it after driving, it is easier to remove it. Simply unplug the power cord and immediately disconnect the player recorder from the installation
  • It is backed by a standard 12 / 24V car plug with two-port USB car charger (with a backup port for charging mobile phones) and has a super internal capacitor. It works automatically and starts recording when your car starts and stops when the engine turns off. Super capacitors have better resistance to high temperatures and cold compared to standard battery technology and have a longer life

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