Review be quiet BGW37 Pure Base 500DX Mid Tower ATX PC Case
be quiet BGW37 Pure Base 500DX Mid Tower ATX PC Case

be quiet BGW37 Has been improved Pure Base 500DX Black for high cooling performance has been developed specifically for users who are looking for a high air flow. ● The front panel and the high flow air hood may work better. Three fans, two pure 140mm blades, can guarantee high cooling performance and quiet operation. ● The front and back of the case are equipped with ARGB LED screens. ● USB 3.1 CGen type. 2 for the latest devices ● It can be cooled with water, can be used in radiators up to 360mm ● Various options for mounting up to 5 hard drives ● Two SSD units can be installed clearly behind the window part ● Double hard drive for windows with separate mounting brackets ● Save a lot of space Space for great cooler with advanced graphics cards. ● Power supply cap and smart cable routing options ensure elegant interior design. ● Easy-to-install power supply on the back of the chassis. ● Side wall made of tempered glass. ● Three-year manufacturer's warranty. ● German product concept, design and quality control

Set the power supply shield
The power supply cap can perfectly cover the cable and power supply. It also has a dual hard disk slot with a separate stand to reduce vibration and increase silence. It is also possible to reset the cage to install chillers up to 360 mm in front. The power supply can be easily installed from the back and attached to the power supply bracket.

Tempered glass window
The full high-quality side panel can perfectly display the components in the computer case. The windows are made of stained glass with soothing strength and have black painted edges.

There are two colors

Pure Base 500DX is available in two different colors: black and white.

Intelligent I / O port
USB 3.1 Type C Gen available. 2 I / O at the front and allowed to use the latest devices. There is also a switch at the front to control the interior and exterior LED lights.

Extended design
Pure Base 500DX offers wide size for advanced graphics cards and large radiators up to 190mm high. Fans or coolers up to 360mm can be easily attached to the front, and the upper space has room for more fans or coolers up to 240mm.

Outstanding features
Pure Base 500DX offers a variety of options and can install up to five SSDs in total. Two can be installed to stand out above the window. To hide unwanted cables, the package provides excellent cable routing options.

High airflow and better performance
Pure Base 500DX with its ultra-front and breathable top cover is the right choice for those looking for the best performance, especially with water cooling systems. Front and bottom dust filters for easy cleaning.
Review be quiet BGW37 Pure Base 500DX Mid Tower ATX PC Case
be quiet BGW37 Pure Base 500DX Mid Tower ATX PC Case

Three pre-installed pure wings 2
Three Pure Wings 2 fans with pre-installed fan blades optimized for optimum airflow and cooling. Despite the compact design, the front, top and rear fans are all 140mm models, which makes them very quiet during operation. In addition, up to two fans can be installed with a diameter of 140 mm.

Great lighting
ARGB lights at the front and back of the chassis: ARGB LED lights provide different colors and patterns to adapt the interior and exterior of the housing. (Optional) You can sync the lighting with the motherboard or ARGB controller.

be quiet BGW37 Pure Base 500DX Mid Tower ATX PC Case Specs
  • High air intake plate and top cover for better performance
  • Three 140mm Pure Wings 2 fans ensure high cooling performance and quiet operation
  • ARGB LED in front of the tank
  • USB 3.1 Type C Gen.2 for the latest devices
  • Ready cooling water for the radiators up to 360 mm

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