BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 2-Bay Desktop 4TB NAS
BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 2-Bay Desktop 4TB NAS

BUFFALO Link Station SOHO LS220D0402B series is a cost-effective network storage solution with two hard drives suitable for professional and creative customers. Users can centralize data and exchange files between multiple devices. SOHO is ideal for users who reliably save and share multimedia presentations. RAID SOHO based network storage connectivity provides reliable file transfer performance, and the compact daily NAS feature enables a built-in hard drive for ease of use

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Buffalo LinkStation SoHo Series is an economical network storage solution with two towers ideal for home offices and creators. Users can centralize data and exchange files between multiple devices.

Improved and easy to cast
Simply broadcast on your device.

LinkStation SoHo USB connectivity and 400MB / s transmission speed allow 4K video transmission on a device of your choice.

Third-party video player software required to work with LinkStation SoHo.

Direct copy
By direct copying, you can avoid saving photos, movies, files, etc. from the console.

If your device has a USB port, you can connect it directly to LinkStation SoHo. This feature allows you to bypass data backup to the console and direct access to the storage device.

LinkStation SoHo is compatible with USB card readers so users can copy photo / video files directly from SD or Flash Compact cards.

Simply post the final experience
There are no complicated settings, just plug and play to save the network.

LinkStation SoHo has made storing and protecting data on the network easier than ever. Thanks to the built-in hard drives and pre-configured RAID, LinkStation SoHo can be connected and played.

Store your data securely on the most secure NAS on the market
Review BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 2-Bay Desktop 4TB NAS
BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 2-Bay Desktop 4TB NAS

The most secure storage network on the market.
You can be sure that storing data in LinkStation SoHo is safe. The device has a closed system that can prevent penetration greatly. Since the device has a built-in hard disk, it also has a pre-configured RAID function ready to use. Another unique security feature is LinkStation SoHo, which allows you to securely access the device using SSL encryption.

RAID data protection
If the drive fails, a RAID duplication can be provided by rebuilding the data after replacing the failed drive.

The hub and TeraStations hubs have two drives with RAID 1.
TeraStation comes with four RAID 5 drives.
Models with 6 or more drives come with RAID 6.

RAID provides mirroring and parity protection, but at the expense of reducing the capacity available to the NAS. LinkStation and TeraStation can be set to RAID 0 to use full capacity. However, you lose protection for the data provided by mirroring and parity.

Buffalo data recovery service

Buffalo is covered after purchase. This LinkStation comes with a 3-year warranty and provides American and technical support 24/7. LinkStation SoHo is eligible for Buffalo data recovery service to solve simple logical data problems.

To obtain this service, the device must be registered on the Buffalo website.

BUFFALO LinkStation SoHo 2-Bay Desktop 4TB NAS Specs
  • Reliable, economical and easy-to-use backup storage for home offices and creators
  • Includes a pre-tested standard hard drive and a pre-configured RAID
  • An economical storage solution for small offices / home offices
  • Standard 3 years, support 24/7 in North America
  • The free personal cloud can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • The NAS can be directly copied so you can save data directly from the USB device
  • 4 TB - contains two hard drives - RAID 1 = 2 TB available capacity

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