Review BUFFALO TeraStation 3410DN Desktop 12 TB NAS
BUFFALO TeraStation 3410DN Desktop 12 TB NAS
Buffalo TeraStation 3410DN TS3410DN1204 is a four-tier professional storage solution with NAS Series hard drives. The machine offers advanced components and solutions at an affordable price, and is ideal for small offices and business users who need low-cost network storage. Users can easily share and protect data through reliability and RAID data protection, while the powerful Annapurna Dual Core processor provides high performance while transferring files and everyday NAS functions. Other enterprise-level features include Active Directory support, disk quota support, sharing level replication, server failover support, dual system firmware and ports, dual Ethernet, hot swappable hard drives, iSCSI locating, and support for USB3 attachments .0. BUFFALO edition of Eleven Nova Backup License provides a professional solution for data backup and recovery.

Affordable SMB data and hard drive storage
Buffalo TeraStation TS3010 series is designed for small and medium businesses and business users who want to take next steps to protect their valuable business data. Many small businesses do not have a complete way to backup and protect data, and the TS3010 has. TeraStation is designed for reliable 24-hour operation to ensure the security of your data. It is no longer necessary to save to USB memory or wrong hard drive mode. It's time to take data seriously.
  • It contains NAS-class hard drives with pre-configured RAID
  • Mixed cloud backup and private cloud options
  • Compatible with Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure
  • With access to the web, you can access your data anytime, anywhere
  • The goal for iSCSI backup and Rsync backup
  • NovaBACKUP software is integrated into the company / computer
  • Used with Buffalo remote control system and third-party software
  • Optimized from 10 concurrent users to 30

Protect your data
  • Developed for organizations with up to 25 users
  • It comes with a NAS class hard drive
  • It offers the same features and functionality as Buffalo's most advanced NAS solutions
  • Once booked for corporations at the corporate level, you will benefit from reliability and security

Copy to your cloud
  • Enable backup on secondary TeraStation on site or on remote site.
  • It provides another resource for overall data security
  • Business critical data gives you security

ISCSI target
  • Provides a lot of storage space for the server
  • You do not need to add drives to the host yourself
  • Increases server capacity without sacrificing performance
  • Existing network devices can be used
  • You do not need to know how to configure SAN fiber topology
Review BUFFALO TeraStation 3410DN Desktop 12 TB NAS
BUFFALO TeraStation 3410DN Desktop 12 TB NAS

Hybrid cloud backup
  • Duplicate data between TeraStation and external public cloud solution providers
  • Compatible with Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive and Amazon S3
  • It comes from the best public and private clouds
  • On-site storage improves security
  • Cloud backup can accelerate recovery from a local disaster
  • Finding the right balance between the site and the cloud can help you improve

RAID data protection
  • Provide redundancy in case the hard drive fails
  • You can recreate the data after replacing a failed drive
  • Two-motor TeraStation with RAID 1
  • TeraStation comes with four RAID 5 drives
  • Models with 6 or more drives come with RAID 6
  • RAID reflection and symmetry reduces available NAS capacity
  • TeraStation can be set to RAID 0 to use full capacity. However, you lose protection for the data provided by mirroring and parity

Remote Buffalo Management Service
Use the free Buffalo Remote Management service to access these devices from one console and save time and resources.

Buffalo data recovery service
This product can use Buffalo data recovery service to solve simple logical data problems
To obtain this service, the device must be registered on the Buffalo website
Visit Buffalo website for detailed information and product registration

BUFFALO TeraStation 3410DN Desktop 12 TB NAS Specs
  • Save time and money with pre-tested NAS hard drives and pre-configured RAID
  • NAS focuses on value and can do business without bankruptcy
  • 3 years, 24/7 help in North America
  • Compatible with S3, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Microsoft Azure and OneDrive
  • Remote Management System: Manage multiple devices from one console, saving time and resources
  • 12 TB-4 Internal Drives - RAID 5 charging = 8 TB available capacity

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