Campark 20MP 1296P WiFi Trail Camera
Campark 20MP 1296P WiFi Trail Camera

The Campark Wi-Fi 20MP 1296P Tracking Camera Game Activated Hunting With Sports Night Vision Function, Can Be Used To Monitor Outdoor Waterproof IP66 Remote Sensors

Wi-Fi connection and application control
Campark T75 camera built into WIFI and APP. Download the app to your phone and connect to WIFI. You can adjust the settings and display photos / videos directly on your phone. This camera is not a web camera and the remote control is limited in scope.

20MP + 1296p HD video recording
The T75 Wildlife Trail camera supports HD 20MP 1296P video recording, making your photos clearer with motion blur, viewing the most original photos, and getting help to help you remember the truth of our trails in remote wildlife sites.

View the picture and replace the battery
The LCD monitor and adjustment buttons for the tracking camera are on the front of the camera. You can view photos and videos and change settings directly.

Press the button below to open the battery compartment and replace the camera battery.

Excellent daytime image quality
The T75 Trail can capture clear pictures during the day. Whether in direct sunlight or rainy weather, this hunting camera can capture many details in front of the animals.

Infrared night vision in low light conditions
The T75 tracked camera has a 850 nm infrared flash with 38 pieces, a 20m infrared LED set and a low-emission infrared technology that clearly shows nocturnal animal behavior without disturbing it. Don't miss a moment, don't miss a great evening photo.
Campark 20MP 1296P WiFi Trail Camera
Campark 20MP 1296P WiFi Trail Camera

Hidden and easy to install
This hunting tracking camera is hidden and easy to install and use, and it is not easily noticed by humans, wild animals and plants outside, which reduces the difficulty of shooting.

Campark 20MP 1296P WiFi Trail Camera Specs
  • Wi-Fi app and built-in remote control ▶ With built-in Wi-Fi function for CAMPARK T75 tracking camera, you can connect to Wi-Fi network even if you install the camera at altitude or elsewhere. Camera on your mobile phone to directly select or display photos or videos. Easy to reach. The T75 Trail camera is not a network camera and the range of the remote control is limited. (Please download the app first according to the instruction manual).
  • 20-megapixel and 1296-pixel video for UHD cameras The Campark T75 game camera can record 20-megapixel and 1296 pixels crystal-clear video clips and record vibrant wildlife with rich detail and every moment of natural beauty. (Note: without SD card and battery)
  • 65 feet trigger distance and trigger speed 0.3 seconds IR IR IR 38pc 850nm LED Infrared LED 65FT Range (20m), the camera can produce detailed black and white night vision images and capture wildlife moments. So as not to delay the registration option.
  • IP66 Waterproof and Durable ▶ With IP66, the durable and waterproof bag can protect the camera from bad weather or heavy rain. Equipped with a triple back camera with a thread and a tie strap, you can easily install this back camera, no matter where the wildlife camera is located.
  • Various functions and reliable service functions. The game camera has a time stamp that includes date / moon phase / temperature, timer, real-time playback and mixed mode, which makes the camera unexpectedly available for many applications.

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