Review Cisco M20 Valet Plus WiFi Router
Cisco M20 Valet Plus WiFi Router

Cisco M20 Valet Plus is a very simple WiFi router that allows you to connect quickly and easily to your home wirelessly. With Valet Plus, you can access the Internet in just three steps: connect the included simple configuration button, browse some simple screens and enjoy the freedom of wireless connectivity. Cisco Connect, pre-installed in Easy Setup Key, allows you to quickly connect to other wireless devices and manage your home wirelessly. Do you remember when the technical connection and workload were required for the wireless connection? It is no longer possible to use only Valet Plus.

The waiter combines elegant, modern and comfortable design
Wireless settings. Click here to enlarge the image.
  • Valet Plus is a simple WiFi router that easily connects computers, gaming devices, smartphones, and other devices to the Internet.
  • You can configure it in three easy steps: Enter a simple install key to launch Cisco Connect, browse a simple screen, and you are wireless
  • Enjoy the speed and range of Wireless-N.
  • Use the easy-to-use Cisco Connect software to connect computers and other devices.
  • Connect wired devices to Valet Plus to transfer videos and large files faster.
  • Take advantage of Valet Plus's extensive wireless equipment, ideal for large families.
  • Use customizable parental controls from Cisco Connect to block unwanted websites or restrict Internet use for certain hours.

Three stage composition
With Valet Plus you can communicate in three simple steps. Wireless configuration is a frustrating process that involves many complex steps and confusing terms and has now disappeared forever. Simply enter the accompanying simple setup key to run Cisco Connect and navigate through a simple screen, and you will be wireless. it's easy.

Connect everything
With the Valet Plus WiFi router, you can use all the benefits of a WiFi home. Browse the web on your laptop, print wirelessly anywhere in your home, check email from your smartphone, and even watch your favorite movies and TV shows on HD TVs. Valet parking service makes everything possible.

You can set it up in a few minutes on the screen in a few simple steps (you can find more screenshots in the installer).
Review Cisco M20 Valet Plus WiFi Router
Cisco M20 Valet Plus WiFi Router

Set parental controls
With easy-to-use Cisco Connect software, you can configure custom parental controls on wireless devices at home to keep your child's Internet time safe and enjoyable. Restrict internet use at certain times, block harmful websites, or use teen and child settings to ensure age-appropriate content and customize these controls by device. You are responsible for the use of parental controls.

Internet for everyone

With Cisco Connect, you can easily give friends and family members wireless access. Remember to search for the 15-letter password saved on paper a few months ago when making a guest connection? Not longer. Simply open Cisco Connect and with just a few mouse clicks, you will receive a temporary password that you can pass on to guests without revealing your personal password and private information. Managing your wireless home has never been easier.

The advantages of valet parking
As with Valet, with Valet Plus you can easily configure and manage your wireless home in just a few minutes. Valet Plus also provides better coverage for larger families and can transfer videos and large files faster.

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